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  This Week's Featured Shows in Alexandria:

    Tonight!  Wednesday, July 23rd
        St. Elmo's Coffee Pub  ~  Chris Monaghan  (Pop/Acoustic)8pm  

    Thursday, July 24th
        The Carlyle Club  ~  Anthony Compton  (Jazz)   7pm  $
        St. Elmo's Coffee Pub  ~  Not So Modern Jazz Quartet  (dixieland jazz)   7:30pm  
        The Light Horse  ~  Boxwave  (funk percussion/bass duo)   10pm  

    Friday, July 25th
        St. Elmo's Coffee Pub  ~  Chris Hamrick  (Jazz/Guitar)   8pm  
        King Street Blues  ~  Joe Chiocca & JohnDC  (acoustic rock)9pm  

    Saturday, July 26th
        St. Elmo's Coffee Pub  ~  Doris Justis  (folk)   8pm  
        The Light Horse  ~  Ephitol  (rock covers)   10pm  

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